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Questions about Breast Augmentation?

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Breast Lift and Fat Grafting to the Breast

The hallmarks of an aesthetically beautiful breast include a well positioned nipple, gentle curves of the lower and lateral portions of the breast, full volume in the lower pole of the breast and adequate volume in the upper pole of the breast.

Traditional breast lifting techniques can vastly improve nipple position, breast shaping and lower pole volume. Traditionally, the use of an artificial breast implant has been used to reliably improve upper pole volume.

Silicone and saline breast implants have been shown to be safe and effective for breast augmentation. But for the purposes of breast lifting, only a small amount of volume is required to make a significant difference in upper pole breast volume.

Is there an alternative to using an artificial breast implant to augment the breast?

Fat augmentation or lipoaugmentation is a procedure which can improve upper pole breast volume without the use of an implant. The procedure combines a special breast lift technique with fat grafting to selected regions of the breast that would benefit from enhanced volume.

The Lipo-Augmentation Procedure

First, a specialized breast lift is done, which is custom tailored for each breast.

After the breast lift is completed, body fat is harvested using a special suction cannula using sterile technique. Once enough fat is obtained from a comprehensive body liposuction procedure, the fat is t purified and prepared for fat grafting. The fat is then placed into the lifted breast using a specialized injection technique. The micro injection needle is used to place small amounts in multiple tissue planes of the breast. This creates a 'grid' of threads of grafted fat which improves breast volume and sculpts the breast shape.

To obtain enough fat for grafting to the breast, Dr. Burnett typically performs complete liposuction the abdomen, hips and thighs.

With the Lipo-Augmentation procedure, Dr. Burnett combines a breast lift with fat grafting. This unique procedure can remove fat from where you don't want it, and add it to your breasts to substantially improve volume and shaping.

Because the Lipo-Augmentation combines breast lifting, breast augmentation and liposuction, it can be a component of a Mommy Makeover procedure for total body rejuvenation!

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